Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Big things can come in small packages

When I first moved down here in SE Iowa, one of the first things I said I would have was no pets. In fact I was rather explicit saying my next pet was going to be ceramic. I like to travel a great deal so it wasn't fun to get a sitter every time I needed to go somewhere. Plus I needed my freedom from having to care for them all the time. Well this lasted about eight months.Working in a rental property with a friend it had a self feeding cat coming in a broken window and sleeping in the basement. When I asked if anyone around knew its owner I was met with a rather negative feedback from all of the neighbors, strays being a problem in that area. I took it home, and got the shots and repairs to stop it from being a mother over and over, and had a pet. There are more feral cats in my state than people.Also I now had someone to talk to, somewhat. Cats may act like they listen but are strictly independent. A friend came over and picked it up before I could say much and the cat got her in the lip with a claw.Named this one Lipripper, later to be changed at Christmas to Treetrimmer. It wanted to be out all the time and I was living where it wasn't allowed so a friend said to let it guard her stables.Not a long while later I moved and had more room. By this time I had two more cats and soon a dog. Lily was a tiny dog and I spend a great deal of time enjoying her company, but obviously that wasn't enough. My youngest shows up with three more cats and now I have a zoo almost.It was going to be a temporary home, but now it has been a year and I still maintain the zoo. Thank goodness for friends like Commander in Chief and Crazy Barbara who adore pets so cover me when I am gone with bribes of gifts and money.I really enjoy the critters I see outdoors. I can talk to them, many times will feed them, but never scoop up after them. That's how I wanted it in the first place, but others seem to have other ideas.


  1. I love my two goofy inside cats. They like to bird watch with me. One was feral when I got her at 6 weeks and she still has a wild side that comes out ever so often. I have the scars to prove it. Cute little dog in the wooden shoe. Great wildlife shots. Are those your pets also?:)

  2. Note my B&B avatar is wearing those shoes. That's Lily of the Valley, only about 4 lbs.Send your address and I'll share the others.I laughed when I found the frog pics that you liked them.Could send them and then say frog, frog, SNAKE!They sometimes catch you off guard.


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