Monday, April 19, 2010

The sun shines bright

Having visited the Loess Hill area of Iowa, I wondered what settlers thought when they first saw it. Had they heard of the Rockies or did they even think mountains could be in the picture moving west.This are is one of two places in the world where this formation occurs, the other in China.Wind swept sand and soil formed these steep prairie areas. With time trees began to grow up them, but there are over 300 types of plant life in this fragile landscape,many just found in this area.As I had stated before, I have researched westward transition of the people who live in or prairie. I will share a nice selection of stories I have written. Many times I use a short verse, an oratorio as used in opera, to link the ideas and feeling. I am always amazed to find so many new things when I go out into the prairie and will share these experiences with you.Keep watching for more to come!


  1. Great pictures and equally great script!

  2. Thank you for sharing. How beautiful!!! I have put the Loess Hills of Iowa on my list of where I will travel to!!!


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