Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Prairie story 4

That night he returned to the prairie area he had shot at sunrise. It was now dry as a bone from the hot midday sun, making it a relief to walk around staying dry. The soaking in the morning had been cured with pancakes back at the mess hall, at the biological station he was staying. He had dumped two cups of water out of each rubber boot, before he entered, drifting in on the wonderful smell of hot food. Sloshing in he ordered a double, and the cook placed four pancakes on his plate. The moms who cooked always felt he was a growing child, and needed large helpings anyway. It was nice to be loved and felt of well by all. Sometimes we forget how well we live and don’t really acknowledge those who help us along such as these caring cooks. Not that they were always wonderful cooks, but wonderful in helping make lives continue in harmony. Tonight he may have some minor disruptions such as small critters that might nibble at him or want to suck his blood, but that is an entirely whole chapter of life on the prairie.
He sat patiently with a tripod aimed at the sinking sun. The clouds were sweeping gracefully across the evening sky. New sounds slowly erupted from all around. He held up his hands again, in a prayer of happiness for all his friend and family. He also included a special thank you to the beautiful land he sat in. Blowing cedar bark smoke to the four points of the compass, he gave praise to the Earth, the Moon, the Stars and life. Being out here gave him the solace he needed to clear his head and be at one with nature. He was the chirping frog, the screech of an owl, the wail of the coyotes being lifted by the wind. His spirit soared into oblivion, and there seemed to be a complete loss of focus for coming back. Over the field he went returning back to his point of compassion.

The sun had turned to a sliver and he began shooting rapidly, forming new visions with his camera. These were visions of grandeur, to portray this beautiful piece of land. His thoughts were soon interrupted, he hadn’t noticed the power lines in the morning, they were obscured with the fog. Orange turned crimson, which turned a rusty orange as a storm approached. The colors gave the prairie a new sheen, and called out to the waiting camera. Silvery plumes of Goats Beard, were now a brilliant orange. If they could only hold still in the breeze to catch them in a close-up shot. Something landed in his lap as he sat, and was rather startled by a leopard frog making his passage through this ocean of plants. Goodbye brother frog, and may you have safe passage on your trek. Darkness had fallen; he raised his arms, and thanked the prairie for a wonderful day as part of its existence, heading home.

He has pressed some blooms all week for a gift to a lady in his class, but wasn’t sure how she would take it. It was awkward for both when he took them over at the start of a her slideshow. He walked away, wishing her luck, carrying with him her smile. It was not just any smile, but a smile to carry for eternity, or what seemed like for eternity, because she seemed to avoid him after that. The sweetness of many days was left behind, for there would be better things in store the next day. He went out and stood watching the stars after the presentation, sipping a warm glass of wine. He could hear a soft chant of the prairie coming across the lake. The stars peeked from under the clouds and the moon slowly presented itself, kissing him gently with its silvery light.

Love conquers all, but through its passage we all become stronger in the heart, spirit and soul. Our direction is never ending, but we always yearn for continuation of its elegance. Even with something negative a lesson is learned, a point of reference to better understand life. Nothing is so complex it can’t be figured out, it just takes time. Time is always around you, and when it is time, things will happen. Do we really have control over our existence, or are we just following a chosen path?

Often he would ponder on the Life issue, but tonight he thought back to the stars. They had been around perhaps before the beginning of this planet, perhaps even longer. Was our destiny held in the stars, a starry story yet to unfold? He thought again of the pretty smile, and knew it could be found anywhere. Passion exudes from a variety of thoughts formed by love, and often controls our lives. Would he let it control him? Yes and no, since the desire was coming from his animal mechanisms also, to supply a greed for lust. Oh well, let my spirit set me free, life is but a simple pleasure often carried on a prairie breeze.

Life is a simple pleasure
For all of us to enjoy
Let go of all those small things
That grab at you and annoy
Because life is a simple pleasure
For all of us to enjoy.


  1. Oh how I agree with "Life is a simple pleasure..." and love the pictures that support this thought.

    Keep posting!!!

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