Friday, April 23, 2010

Praire Story 2

The sun was just peeking over the prairie hilltops. They had came with cameras to shoot the sunrise and heavy dew pictures. There was no question if there was heavy dew, everyone was drenched, and judging by the water level in his boots, he should have been more prepared. It was hard to worry about that today, the top shots were what nine photographers were looking for, each grabbing a particular hilltop they felt would best show off a showy sunrise. In two weeks each would show their top ten slides for a nature photography course and the rivalry was tremendous.

It was hard to get true nature shots, your picture needs to be free of all manmade objects. This prairie was only one hundred sixty acres, a replaced area hoping to someday return to how it stood when the original settlers arrived. The books he had read through the years, and the projects working the past few summers, had made this haven a tiny work of art. Art so precious, there never could be a price placed on it. Each day the palate gradually changes its form, colors, shapes and spirit telling a continuing story of it’s life.

What is new is really old, but what is old is really new when one considers the eons of time passing on the land. Just northwest of where he was standing, was one of the oldest areas of the state. Glacial movements in 1.3 million years have not covered it or moved around its landscape. Holding both hands out wide to feel the power of the sun, he recited a prayer of happiness for all his friends and family. A spider web near him became a silver net, reflecting the new morning light on its drenching of dew. So begins a new day in a new world, where this scene has been played a number of different ways.

The shot went well with clicking cameras blending with the chirp of insects, an occasional bobolink call or the happiness of a grasshopper sparrow. Off in the distance shouted the meadowlark, followed by a bellow from a cow. Back to reality he felt the spirit of this prairie, as strong as it had been for his ancestors, and it told him to visit again and again. The changes that had swallowed its expanse had followed a path to provide for our world, at the same time trying to retain the loveliness it had before. We need to learn how to survive and not destroy everything along our way. Everything from plant to insect serves a purpose to increase our chances of survival and the chance for future generations to continue. Leaving this area today left everyone in deep thought and joyous camaraderie, having spent the morning in one tiny corner of paradise. He raised his hands up again; giving praise for the new day and beauty it had already shared. His thoughts were carried with the morning perfume, on a gentle prairie breeze.

We held out our hands
Thanking the world
For peace and serenity
Each day is different
A treasure to hold on
To true happiness
And love of our land.

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