Sunday, April 18, 2010

Is life really that simple?

Often we forget how simple life really is.It is you that makes it become more complex.It is hard to offer any suggestion to others on how to slow down and smell the roses, some need them jammed right in their face to realize they are there.This is how it can be on the prairie. Sometimes when I have shared my photos people look at them with interest.Other times I have heard the comment, "Those weeds can really be pretty, I haven't seen them like that."Actually some of these photos are taken along the roads and highways that we use to maintain our complex lifestyles.I have one friend who has stepped closer to living very simple. She has taken only the basic needs to stay happy, where many of her neighbors live very extravagant. Check how she makes it so simple at: am sure we all like to have some sense of secure living and each person defines this different.Do we need huge homes and too many vehicles? I felt that way for a real long time. It is our American Dream to have more and live "better" than we did before. Has our life really changed over the decades, making it harder to survive than how our parents and grandparents lived. I always enjoyed talking to my grandparents and seeing similarities to how my life was progressing.Changes are of course money, but also material things we all want and need. Yesterday I went to a greenhouse and when I had barely been there saw a couple ladies I knew. They asked what I was after and my reply was, "Everything I can fit in my cart."Now I went for a half dozen items, but came back with 18.In the next few weeks it will expand to all the greenhouses within 25 miles plus a few trips outside of this circle. Hardly any of these are native species, they are for my viewing and sharing with anyone who comes by. I used to say gardening was a hobby, but now it has became a little obsessive.I have lots of stuff that does come back but it is fun to try new items and look what I can attract butterflies, hummingbirds and other creatures into my yard to enjoy.I am at 58 annuals to enjoy and eat in a already sumptuous area.I even know the corn I plan on planting will bring in a few critters I don't want.I placed homemade bluebird houses around my home this year in hopes of getting them and often share my other backyard projects.I also let people know where I have been and what is to be seen. I have a nice prairie area close that I visit weekly. This next week may have some better frequency since looking in the woods could produce a gourmet delight, Morel Mushrooms.It also can produce ticks and poison ivy, so I have to be careful. With ticks I have found if you stay off the trails they will bother you less.One prairie I like had a narrow gate to enter. If you stayed on that beaten path you may have a entire family on you. They home in on warm blooded creatures that use a particular area on a regular basis.One day I went to sketch a plant and while sitting I noticed a few getting on me. I always say to spray before you go in, but this time I failed. I took of my shoe when I got out and had over 20 in one shoe coming for the ride. The next time I sat in amongst the plants and only found one.I keep a comb to comb my hair when I come out and always like to have a roll of duct tape, mans fix all, to close off my pant legs and to pick them off when they get on you. Wear light colored clothing so you can see them better. Now don't let this stop you, most of the time I come out free and clear.It depends on the weather each year how bad they can be. All last season I had one.I fear the stuff that causes rashes more than anything. It usually gets me if not careful. I take my clothes off when out in the woods when I see some leaves of three and put them in the washer right away.This is where it is nice to have a shower since the oil stays with you.You would think this would stop me, but it never does. Being careful and cautious is the word to remember.One year while mushroom hunting a spider landed on my face. Usually I try not to touch anything I don't have to with my hands if I can avoid it. I brushed off the critter out of fright and it fell down my shirt. Reaching in I grabbed it and tossed it away.When I got up the next day guess where it was beginning to form a rash and worst of all took all precautions except getting home within 3 hours because I was finding so many.Well they tasted good, but this usually slows me down looking for the,but not that year. I went eating them for every meal for over a week before the itch bothered me enough to stop.Well I'm off to my garden, I have lots to plant.


  1. Thanks for the nice comments about my blog. Ticks can be a problem for me since they like to live in my pine trees. Birds love poison ivy berries and plant them around my yard. I am yanking them out today with a plastic grocery bag today. You have some great tips about both. Happy planting!:)

  2. You need to understand my fear of leaves of three, but I never let stop me.End up getting a shot or taking pills or both, and have tried all the other prventatives.Carry lotion year round in my travel toiletries. Native Americans drank a tea, got it once and it was over. Seen deer eat it, but with both tea or eating it I would hate to think where that rash would start.When I say I have had it everywhere, I mean everywhere.Use disposable rubber gloves amd wash well, i have used pliers.I spray gas on it a few times and bang it is melting. you will like upcoming posts about the simple life.

  3. Now THAT shows love for the simple life on the prairie! It's amazing what fears we can get through with a little love. :)

    PS I love the outdoors, too. I get quite squirmish over ticks, but haven't had the rash exp. from the leaves of three... hope I never do!

    Corine :D


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