Thursday, April 29, 2010

I found some trailing petunias that were too gorgeous to leave at the greenhouse, but didn't think where I could put them. I had thought from a hanging planter, but with gifts and other purchases I already have quite a few.One year I had found a base from a birdbath and used that, but left it when I moved.Thinking in that same mode, I decided to make a wooden one.I bought a 10 ft. 1x12 and cut it equally into four 30 inch pieces.Taking one board I placed it at a 90 degree angle along the edge and drew a line on both front edges of two of the boards the thickness of the boards . This gave me reference where to drill pilot holes in the middle when I wanted to connect everything.I put six 1/8 inch holes down 2 edges of the two boards I had marked, in the center of the scribed area.Taking an undrilled board I lined that up at 90 degrees with the drilled board making the corners flush and put a small nail through each hole to secure them. You could also use a screw for added strength.Repeating this on the other side I flipped it over and secured the last board making an open ended box.Measuring down 12 inches from the top intersecting with a line marked at the middle of the width I drilled a 1 1/2 inch hole on opposing sides. On the other two sides I measured down 13 inches and intersected with the middle of the width as before drilling two more holes.This would allow me to plant trailing plants in the top, but also have four placed in the holes around the middle. You could easily configure more holes if you wanted depending on what you were going to plant. I painted mine which would be optional.Placing it where I wanted it I took a few sheets of newspaper and wadded them up and stuffed them in the bottom to keep the new dirt in a little better.I had some rocky soil in a new area i am developing so put a few scoops of that in for inproved drainage.Next I filled it with a mixture of potting soil and manure/ mulch half way and inserted my four lower plants before filling it all the way up. I put my two bicolor trailers one single and the other double of the same colors in the top. I had used a solid color contrasting petunia for the holes below and will be excited to see how it does next to where I sit all summer.

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  1. What a cool planter! Thanks for posting the plans. Now all I have to do is talk my son into building me one...or two.:)


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