Monday, April 26, 2010

Having survived a dreary weekend, I survey the green the rain has given. Many of us let weather control our activity, butI actually enjoy the variation. This time of year it is best to add a couple rainsuits to my car clothing collection. I enjoy to see all the new life spring rains offer. My garden is finally looking like it has plants in it, where new seed has sprouted. Some times I wish they would hurry up so I could eat a few fresh veggies.Hope to see it warm back up later this week, I am anxious to get tomatoes and peppers in.

The prairie is greening up nice, but a few areas needed a cleaning so a few people have been working on burns. One family had made breaks by mowing stopping strips to only do 1/3 of their area and one gust sent the fire past the break and into a section they had burnt last year. You can be very scientific, but mother Nature changes her mind sometimes.I burnt a small strip in my yard about three feet by forty feet and it was finished in a few minutes. While in the Badlands I met with the burn manager to listen to a few tales.They were working on close to 5,000 acres.His father had planted nonnative grasses to control erosian thirty years before and now his job was to try and eradicate them to replace them with native species.Where buffalo graze they leave a stub standing and don't come back to this area because the stubs tickle their nose, so burns would be a draw for them to follow for fresh grasses.Some seed is populated better with a burn, so in effect it is a cleansing period.Early settlers to this area often plowed a space around their homes since natural burns could swoop in without much warning.

Well I can't get out the plow today so I plan on dressing waterproof and roving out in a few areas. Morels are still out and there is always something new to find. When I sit I get restless hearing that call to go enjoy nature.I hope you all have a great week,let me hear how you enjoy the world I offer to you! Wish you could join me!

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