Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day!

It seems like only yesterday that I was standing in freezing water to gather plastic that had blown into a pond on this day, really believing our group of six was making the difference. And we did, those who know me understand I celebrate our Earth each and every day.Way before this glorious day when my friends and family camped or picnicked we always said before leaving, "Make it cleaner than when we came." After a day of hard play it was hard sometimes, but our parents offered encouragement at who was getting the most and made it part of our play.Going out on my own I said the same words and taught it to my children.It is hard to imagine how much we produce, but one particular litter is cigarette butts. Now we all know these don't biodegrade very fast, and many a smoker flips them off or out a car window. Would you still continue knowing that a pack a day smoker produces 27 pounds of waste? How much randomly pollutes our environment?Last year I was shooting a state park and came upon a Girl Scout group picking up. I inserted a few statistics and was happy to see they even had more, having looked up info with their leader before even picking a site.That pursues what the goals of today are all about, to learn, teach and share.There is a nice site for Earth Day 2010. It has numerous projects, many here in the Midwest on reservations, possibly sponsored by our government since the programs were almost identical. Sad to say not much in my area so I guess I will have to be a leader and find others to join in. I am sure many are out already, it is a beautiful day to save a part of our world.Wait are they out for Earth Day, morel mushrooms or both?

On another note I hope you enjoyed my prairie story, here are many more so get others to this site.As I had said earlier I connect all my tales with a short verse. In an opera a chorus comes out and sings an oratorio to either blend the scenes or catch you up with what is going on.These are my version of an oratorio, for nature is an opera always playing in my ear. I placed 2 old pictures at the start. One was a herd of buffalo in the Badlands, a glorious area to see.These were taken off photos so are a bit grainy. I forget my other printer has a copier/scanner and will have to utilize this more.The other shows me sitting in the Niobrara River in the Niobrara Valley Preserve located in the beautiful Nebraska sand hills.I was trying to get a shot of a Kingfisher landing on a tree in the river and being hot also taking a refresher from being out in the field all day.I sat there for 40 minutes and only had a blur, but enjoyed being there. Right across the river starts the ponderosa pines and the boundary that starts the Black Hills.Here they drove us into a buffalo herd sitting on a picnic table attached to a truck bed.Anyone can cheaply visit and stay at this biological station and it is a real treat to be there seeing many plants and animals that thrive only in this area. There is another anniversary, Dairy Queens Blizzard, and you should know I love ice cream. In the sand hills I stop in Valentine to get a similar treat only it is called a Sandstorm. Sitting in my kayak is a favorite all summer, there are a number of small lakes real close to me, plus 5 rivers.I still would like to have something with a roof and where I can stand.I hope you get out and Carpe Diem, Live for the Day!If my friend Mary reads this think back forty years when we celebrated this holiday, having given a petition to our governor to make it recognized statewide as well as part of our nation.

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