Thursday, April 16, 2015

Around The Barnyards

The woods on the north edge have lots of blooms .

A neighbors fields

Time to clean up the winter waste, and milk these girls

Black-capped Chickadee

Monday, April 13, 2015

Rainy Daze

Flowers are bursting open all around the area. I plant lots of spring bulbs every year, sometimes forgetting where I put all of them. I like to naturalize the daffodils all over, they have such a happy look always. These were some of the first ones I put in when I bought the property. It also is a good year for ticks, I picked two off me through the evening. When you wake up at 4 am and have an itch that won't go away, it is almost a positive  fact one is going to be on you. The second was a small deer tick that looks like a tiny freckle. I put peroxide on a cloth and soak them , then they wipe away. Of course you start itching all over anticipating others.  Glad there weren't anymore, I hate having blood sucking critters on me.
Wild Turkey

Meadowlark singing me a love song.

Redbuds ready to burst forth . This area of woods has thousands to enjoy.


Twin Crested Cormorant
Flocks of ducks still coming through.

Pussy toes

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Woodland Blooms

The newest addition to the farm. These are white when mature and the start  of a flock if large dogs named Bruce will leave them alone. He just wants to play it seems.
Rolling hillsides along a meandering stream were a real challenge to hike. My knees want to say no, but all the new beauty drew me in and I couldn't resist  wanting to see all I could. These blooms tell me that my favorite woodland treat, Morel Mushrooms, are not that far away. In another few weeks they will come out and tease me into looking for them days on end. The mushroom fever started a few months ago so it is nice to be getting closer. It is an ageless fantasy to always want to find that large amount of hidden gold. If you have never hunted them I can tell you it is a tough hobby, but in the end a delightful treat for many. One year I shared with a friend in retirement apartments and fed all sixty residents. Last year I barely shared, not finding very many, so it has it's ups and downs. The other downfall is I am very allergic to poison ivy, so usually stop when I get that also. It is a last foray into the deep woods before they grow so dense you can't get through them.

Dutchman's Breeches

Spring Beauty

Eastern Towhee, a new arrival in the forest.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Sometimes Nice

The ultimate herd protector likes guinnea fowl too often. This guy is as huge as a horse, a rare breed of dog.
Guinnea Fowl

Bottle dynamics on the farm
I have been hanging around a bunch of tough cookies shooting trap. I am helping coach this group.

Over 500 kids having a great time