Sunday, November 23, 2014

Here's Pie In Your Eye

Dutch Apple
Repairs on a dam lowered  the water level from upstream. I spent the morning going over the riverbed looking for treasures. It was fun to walk where I never had. I came home with three pieces of clam shell and a flat rock I passed to a friend to use as a worry stone. Water levels were returned after two days, and now I may be fishing below there. 
A diamond in the rough I used backlighting with the sun going through this ice.
Two dogs created  a bit of panic in a flock of Canadian Geese numbering over two hundred.

This is a Freedom Rock created by artist, Bubba Sorenson. Go see others he has created at  . He plans on putting one in each of the 99 counties in Iowa.

Blue Jay

Red-bellied Woodpecker
Osage Orange on a frozen pond 
It was so foggy today I got lost and ended up in my favorite bakery eating samples of doughnut holes and settling down for coffee with biscuits and gravy.

Not much left of this tree, but there still must be some food.

Buck eating locust seed pods

Friday, November 21, 2014


Trumpeter Swans
Note how the middle one has a band around it's neck as part of a program to restore these majestic birds where they were once plentiful. There is a state conservation breeding pond near here, so I wondered if the others were babies grown up. Their call sounds like a French horn.

The beauty that keeps me going out early in the mornings.

Invasion of jellyfish found at Iowa lake, LOL

 Hoar Frost
The ice is so thin I was glad not to see any holes in it after seeing the tracks gong across. Must have been a small critter like a muskrat. I like how their paths crisscrossed, but they made it safely to the other shore.

What is left of a hornets nest I never knew was there when the leaves were out.
Hard to fit an Amish buggy in the drive through.
The simpler way to live, this is the town hitching post. 
This ancient burr Oak seems to lean more each year I pass it.


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Buck Fever

A light snow and very cold day didn't slow down anyone.

That stoic pose and impressive gait all make one stop in their tracks to watch a nice buck.

This younger buck wanted to join in with his larger brothers, but was kept off to the sidelines. He will grow a larger rack if he survives for a few more year. During rut season in November, deer come out of the deep woods to build harems and propagate species. When I see young ones and bucks in the same area, I often look for family similarities. In February one can find antler sheds, but never seem to find the same ones you see this time of year. They have a big territory and spread out after mating.