Monday, October 5, 2015

Taking It Easy

New England Asters

Morning sun

Tall grasses
Shimmer elegantly
In the morning sun.

Have you ever caught a leaf falling in a photo? It was on the end of a spider or caterpillar  made thread, maybe an escape from the tree above.
I have shown you this furry friend last week. A Muskrat loves to stay in the water, with behaviors like his Beaver friends.

I  will check with Shelly at MObugs to find out who this is, but it sure startled me crawling on my neck. I always try to handle them lightly, one never likes to get a sting or bite. Or on the other hand, bug guts on you if you slapped it. 

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Tiny Can Be Mighty

Question Mark Butterfly 
This Wooly Bear is a sure sign of fall. When I first see them I wonder if I should step on them to delay the seasonal change they announce.
Most of this guys cousins are in Panama by now.
Common Checkered-Skipper

A tattered Great Spangled Fritillary

When I look at these rose hips, I think of tea. These were just out of my reach. There is a lot of vitamin C in these and they are good for a cold. I have had a jelly made with these also.

Maidenhair Fern

This guy has gotten so big, he hasn't fit on his favorite log for a few years. Hard to give up something that is so good.
Female Cardinal
Eastern Tailed-Blue
Someone decided this was the best place to hang out, away from the group.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

October Charm

A nice day to watch the river go by, and listen to a prairie breeze move the trees.
Silver-spotted Skipper
One of the smallest of the aster blooms is about the diameter of a pencil.

A lone Monarch
I was watching woodpeckers for quite a while before I noticed this Great Blue Heron laughing at me.

Boy, this always feels so good to roll in the sand.
A small flock of Northern Flickers followed some Bluebirds around the pond.
This Eastern Bluebird was starting to molt. I wasn't sure if they were flying to warmer weather or sticking around a bit longer. All the others have flown away quite a long time ago.
More eagles are showing up. The will trade places with the Turkey Vultures soon.
Leaves are showing a slight change in color, where some softwoods have just shed their leaves without turning color.
Asters range in color from a deep purple to white.
My favorite shot from this last month

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Watching the moon phase into a total eclipse

Once the moon returned to the night I went to bed, getting up a few times, and watching it set in the west. That previous day was really nice and stayed clear. I thought on such a nice day that I would go sit in a swamp area a friend identified as good woodpecker viewing. It was still a bit muddy, but I was able to get into an area that up until  two weeks before had been under water.  Huge trees surrounded me and kept me company , while I enjoyed the day in the shade.

I hoped these Turkey Vultures weren't looking me over.
As far as one can see , it is really barren of ground vegetation. 

One edge of the water remained outside of the heavily wooded area.

Sitting in a nice folding chair, kicking off a few pounds of mud.