Sunday, February 19, 2017

Taking You To The Top

I left you here when the sun peeked into the valley. Lets head back up the hill.
Water peeking through the ice.
There is an ice shaped by a leaf near the middle. Maybe a Pin Oak.

Can you see the ice leaf in the lower left hand corner?

Fairy home

This bone was a good marker to return close to where I started.
Feeling tall
Even if you are small
Stretching out on a warm sunny day.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Looking For Spring

A favorite area to explore, walking these steep hillsides. It always offers me time to gather my thoughts and find some new ones. I found a great array of sculptures formed by the ice on the stream. It will be there one day and gone the next. The beauty is enjoyed along with the sounds of the water running under the ice. I have a favorite log at the bottom to sit on, or even stretch out and rest on. Follow me down into a canyon looking for treasures new and old.

Frozen waterfall

Here I arrange rocks in the spring so I can cross over. You can walk for miles following this stream on the other side and never see anyone else. This is my couch made by a log that has been here for quite sometime. When  it is hot I lay in this fast running water and then dry off on the log.


You can see imprints of leaves and logs from a long time ago.
Leaves that have sat on the ice make imprints heating the ice below producing this delicate filigree pattern.
Huge shelves have formed from glaciated snow coming down the hillsides.

Tomorrow you will be gone
Slowly fading away
New art formed on another day.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A Little Bird Told Me

Black-capped Chickadees are a hard subject to photograph. They don't hold still for very long, so I spent part of my morning in pursuit of a good shot on these tiny birds.

Huge pieces of ice are left behind from a ice jam that moved and melted away.

A flash of huge wings of dark brown and a white tail and head told me it was an eagle that swooped  down on the highway ahead of me dodging traffic. A squirrel lay in the road, and this huge bird needed a bite to eat. It was amazing how it saw such a small morsel in the middle of town. It flew to a nearby tree and I got off the road to catch a few pictures. I tossed the squirrel off toward it and it sat and looked at easier pickings. I stayed for a bit and snapped fast. I was shocked how easy this was to shoot, they normally don't stick around near humans.

I have been watching a few Bluebirds that stayed over the winter. This large prairie area obviously has enough food and shelter to keep them there.

That first print in the snow
I like to be there and leave my mark
And hope others will see that mark I make.