Thursday, August 27, 2015

A Beautiful Day

The trill of a Indigo Bunting blends with songs of crickets and locusts, creating a symphony out on the prairie. I sat in a folding chair just watching and listening to everything around me. I wanted to grab my camera and run, but today had chosen to watch and enjoy everyone around me. The heat had broke away for a few days, and I had started the day with long pants and a long sleeve shirt. The sun warmed me up with a strong breeze blowing into my face. The sweet scent of a large patch of Goldenrod arrived and caught my interest. I got up and walked over toward it just in time to see a Goldfinch picking over some Bull Thistle blossoms. Of all the time not to have my camera, we shared the moment from less than six feet apart. I laughed as little dogs joined me to watch whatever I was watching, and it flew away. I thought about moving my chair over to watch more, but decided to save it for another day. My happiness spread across the land, carried on a prairie breeze.

On the town square in Fairfield, IA.

Monarch Caterpillar


A touch of fall

Monday, August 24, 2015

Prairie Poem


A tattered Giant Swallowtail

Eastern Phoebe
Red-headed Woodpecker
Chipping Sparrow
Wild Lettuce

Cedar Waxwing

A warm week
Makes one meek
To take a walk
Out on the prairie.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

All Over The Prairie

Prairie Clover

Queen Anne's Lace
So the day before I ended up in the ER, I was enjoying life with people who travel on two wheels. Three semi's full of gear go from town to town on each day of the annual ride across Iowa.
A city of repair shops and food booths.
The first of over 7,500
Every overnight town has a theme.
Of course some unusual foods. Riding 60-75 miles a day gets a voracious appetite going. There is always one day with extra miles added to make a  hundred mile loop  for the adventurous. I ate eight pieces of pie during a day one year traveling that extra loop.
Duckie became one. He will remain the youngest grandson until after the first of this next month when Harrison arrives.
Halloween Pennant

Silver-spotted Skipper

Monday, August 17, 2015

It's Getting Better

This huge wasp kept coming back to the same place, perhaps to harvest minerals or look for a meal. When I became interested, and  so did a little dog, and it was hard to keep her attention away so she didn't try to catch it. While on the hunt, we often hunt together.

A silent day, only the wind coming across the prairie offered  any words. The beauty surrounded me and made me carry a smile while out in the warm sun. This is more than a part of my day, it is a part of my life and what makes me happy.