Saturday, December 9, 2017

Sunday Stroll: Treasures Found

Visit Marcie the originator of Sunday Strolls. Her Quiet Country House in Michigan is always a treat to visit. 

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Chasing Dinosaurs

Peek into here
And find a portal into another time

Dinosaur eggs

Actually some real large puffballs on a steep hillside.
This seemed more precarious to cross than it looks now. One wrong step and you could be laying in a creek. Plus all the brush on the other side makes it hard to decide where to cut through.


On A Windy Day

On a windy day
The leaves blow about restlessly
Some holding out until winter comes
Cheery and bright telling us
To have a delightful day
Walking in the woods
On a windy day.

This is my 1000th post, amazing how time flies making friends.

 These giant burr Oaks spread out all over. I like how each one has it's own gnarled appearance. This one is well over 150 years,13 feet in circumference( Yes I am a tree hugger to measure them with my six foot reach). That is a long time to be out on the prairie, a mammoth experience indeed. In that time think of what all it has seen and heard. It has known me for forty years almost. Just down the hill another forty yards is a large piece of petrified wood, perhaps a great, great, great, great of this tree. I have to find this spot again just to get a good shot of the petrified wood. I forgot in all my enthusiasm to explain everything else geologically. Once all the foliage melts is always a good time for me to look at the land in another perspective. It is hard to believe this was once covered by oceans and glaciers. Then oceans of grasses and flowers, waving on the wind. It has been waiting for me to come and meet them. Out on the prairie, on a windy day.
Many trails to choose from
Choose the right one that you need
Maybe choose a different path
One you have never seen.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Sunday Stroll: Walk In The Woods

This trail should be a good one, getting us through the brambles on the edge.

Favorite sitting rock

These are really steep hills