Friday, December 19, 2014

A Bit Of Sun

There, that is all the sun in weeks. I was blessed with warm weather for a few days and went out fishing yesterday for the entire morning catching large numbers of trout. I put all of them back except a few I invited over for lunch after they swallowed the hook too deep. It rained on me, but it was worth getting wet having fun.This water stays open most of the winter and is what attracts all the eagles to feast on fish. I am about eighty miles upstream from the Mississippi River so they work any open water in between.

Church at this home had all the rides parked together
Poor guy just wanted to chat with someone, he has a rather forlorn look. By the sounds being carried over the prairie, many bulls are doing more than chatting.
Have you ever seen something that catches your eye and then laughed when you discover what it was? These were where they painted along a drive to mark a race. One year I was on the Gulf of Mexico near Padre Island in Texas for Christmas. As I approached the water I saw a small duck on the edge of the shore. I had a poor little camera and started shooting a lot  as I crept up to get closer. I figured I would at least have an ID photo. I was surprised it didn't fly away until I got real close. It was a wayward decoy. I wondered how it looked when they x-rayed my luggage because it came home with me and sits out in the garden all summer. A memento of a good laugh.

This is a time of year when we need to look back and find those simple things that have made our lives happy. Some need to dwell on that happy more than the sad. Holidays can be tough, I  make a different celebration than what I did over a decade ago. I am the oldest member in my family and have outlived all my siblings, parents and other family. I have developed an extended family who I share the thoughts and ideas with, many of them are you. Happiness will stay with you forever if you keep it close to your heart. I send out wishes of health and happiness to all I know and love, carried on a gentle prairie breeze.

A Bluebird of happiness has stayed around with many others.

Just horsing around, this herd of over twenty all matched. I see kids riding them, but didn't realize how big of herd this family had.

A bull shares stories with some babies. For some reason I identified with this guy, I always can find a tale to share.

A Red Fox running from me fast up over the hill. With the help of Lisa Two Bears  saying she had blogged for five years I looked back and realized I have been doing it for four years on 12/2. There are many who have been with me all that time, and even more who have joined through the years. It is fun to have friends all over and share our thoughts and lives.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Feather In The Wind

A feather in the wind
Lands on sparkly snow
It lands just for a moment
And floats off with love in tow.

An old hotel
One can canoe
Or kayak to.

Love that white tail
Franklin Gulls flying
Floating on ice flows

 Alien eggs

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Fighting Hunger

It is sad to hear of someone ever in need. More alarming is it even sadder when it is a young child who has little control over their life. During the holidays many of us don't even consider what we spend or eat to make that holiday one of the best for our families. A holiday to remember, which can be made even more memorable.  Christmas could become year round with a simple extension of giving. You can donate food or cash to a local food bank and keep their shelves full. It is too easy to do, and if you like you can even work at one or help serving meals at a number of locations around your community.

I have fun going shopping  for articles they need most. I have a fun time filling my cart with  things I know will help someone in need. In my tiny area the local food pantry serves over 5800 families, with over three quarters of them families with children. In larger cities this can become very bleak with higher rates of homelessness and many who are afraid to ask for help. Thanksgiving Day I saw over 3700 people attend  a free meal a local restaurant hosts. The new owners carried on the tradition after the previous owner succumbed to cancer, serving her final meal, yet unable to eat. She went and lay in the back many times, but stayed on the front just to see the smiles of many she knew through the years.

We need to open our hearts to help this world become better. The pen can be mightier than the sword when you approach others to join you in a simple effort to enrich your community. Here in the states there are many efforts to help put gifts under a tree, but your individual effort can become one of the best. There are many outlets you can check with to find families you can help individually. Just knowing you did something extra for someone should make your holiday brighter. If you can't think of a good gift for someone you know, give  a contribution in their name.  Help is what can make someone get ahead to possibly start back helping themselves again.

                              Peace, love and happiness to all carried on a gentle prairie breeze.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Those First Footprints In The Snow

 A real princess at her first dance recital.

A Red-tailed Hawk preens it's feathers

This line of geese was over a half mile long. Every evening they transfer to the fields and offer a symphony of sounds as they fly overhead. A friend said she missed having them where she lives so I think of her now when I listen, and sent her a message that I had listened to them for her. Sometimes I feel part of their family when I watch a pair nest and raise their young. As I sat fishing the other morning they flew overhead and offered their happiness to all to hear. The sky was a bright orange and pink, a portrait offered every second. I pulled my hood up and felt good about sitting out in the bitter cold before the sun could warm the earth around me. 
A new snow stirs up many. I really enjoy going out and seeing who was in the area ahead of me. On this day very few had been out in the bitter cold. It is fun to follow the tracks and see who made them perhaps. I have ordered new parkas for little dogs, not real sure if it makes much difference when having so much fun.


An immature bald eagle sits on the edge of the ice watching the geese and ducks in their morning processional.
Those first footprints

One has to love snow to live in it.