Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Around The Pond, Down The Road


This dragonfly is trying to look like part of the plant with it's upright perching

Culver's Root


A prairie wedding

Friday, July 25, 2014

Summer Fun, And Then Some

Faded glory

Something really pretty
Maybe just a weed to you
Today it is something pretty
Really true blue.

Around the yard

Double White Cosmo
I liked the white stripe in this zinnia.  I always put in quite a few, along with cosmos. I have six sizes starting with a tiny dwarf.

Hmmmmm, what are we looking for ? A little dog explores the garden with me, shown in the top left hand corner of the pic above. I sometimes call her Nosy Rosie, it is so hard to stay away. Eating the best of sweet corn almost every day.  It must be a good year because a lot of stands are getting only $4 a dozen. Mine is out of my garden, a white variety. Wapsie Willie has came over and taken a lot of my tomatoes. He moved into apartments last year and misses his garden. He came over Sunday and said he would eat, even though that wasn't why he was there. He just needed to get out for a bit. May have fed him every Sunday this month and last. LOL Kind of fun to hear his stories, he is 89. He just showed up as I close this, see you later. Have a pork prime rib on the grill and lots of veggies.

Monday, July 21, 2014

A Little Bird Told Me

What better to do in the heat, but make a Blueberry/ Sweet Cherry pie. It was short lived.

I have been seeing a lot of baby birds learning life with their parents. My feeder was empty fast this last few weeks. I wondered if this was a Thrasher baby by the rust in it's tail in the next picture. There were three hanging out in the treetops.


When I saw this bird just holding in the air I thought it might be a Shrike. It held in the same area for quite some time, holding like a falcon.