Wednesday, October 22, 2014



A leaf waterfall

Tall grasses
Cover over flowers
Like a blanket
So they can sleep.

Even in the wet
I go out and play
Finding new friends
Each and every day.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Beauty All Around

Gus the Cavedog

Tiny asters

Steep hills
Gold in color
Always a charm
Like no other.

 Leading down to the river.

Red-bellied Woodpecker

 MMMMMM, good seeds!
Later  joined by his wife
She blends in so well
 A good place to sit
On a rainy day
Watching leaves dance
And raindrops play.

 Reining in the rain

A Colorful Tale

Those last few blooms are precious
Just like the first ones you see
Treasures are always around us
Out on the prairie.

With the color of the leaf and sun coming through the last patch of gold, this leaf almost appeared on fire.
Maybe it is the translucence making them seem like stained glass that I like when  shooting fall colors. I shot this from down below this sumac.

Chipmunk hunters being called back from protecting me from these fast little rodents. One has teased them here a few times so they are on the alert each time returning to this area on the trail. I need to learn the little chip, chip sound they make just to catch these guys off guard. This is a good birding area, and I have been trying to get a shot of tree sparrows that are coming back to the state. For some birds coming from the north, the winters here are a lot milder. Junco and Bald Eagle are two more winter visitors returning recently. From big to small they are all gems to me. It is funny what can make your day or week special.

Brown Thrasher
They blend into the landscape well.
After about four times of making this mess I think she finally has gotten it out of her system. Perhaps it is an example of why someone shouldn't give a dog a Nerf ball. A friend passed it on thinking it a good idea. The first time I told her not to destroy it, but after that her antics were so comical it became funny. It was easy to clean up, and each time I wondered about taking it away. The good laugh was worth it. I think we empty nesters spoil pets sometimes more than we did our children.


White Marigolds

Friday, October 17, 2014

The Changes

Someone makes her own hike and seems to like taking extra routes, later catching up when called.

Hey, did someone say my name?

Sulpher Butterfly
Here I am!
Flowers fading
Trees changing
Warm days gone
Fall is here.

                               A Question Mark butterfly, a tiny member of the angelwing family.

The last one, a King