Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Prairie Adventures

Out on the prairie
Flowers smell so sweet
Each bend in the trail
Always has something neat.
Milk Vetch
Eastern Meadowlark
Smooth Sunflower
Prairie White Clover
Culver's Root
Brian likes me to show him fish, and maybe clean one for him.Our main activity is drinking coffee together occasionally.

Milkweed beetles
Butterfly Milkweed
Black Swallowtail

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Summer Songs

A giant pile of rock being used for a highway expansion. These folks slid down from where they are standing.

I hear that summer singing
Always calling out my name
Come out and enjoy my beauty
Out on the prairie.
What kind of bird would imitate a cat? 
Baby Catbirds
Do you see the tiny Lacewing hanging upside down? It's antennae is longer than it's body.

Sacred sage
Canadian Milkvetch

Prairie Milkweed
Rattlesnake Master

White Prairie Clover

Korean Fir cone

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Picturesque Blooms And A Parade

The people assemble, waiting for the parade to begin. In a tiny town such as this it sometimes is a return to see old friends and family, or just relive old memories. I love a good parade, no matter the size. It shows civic pride and keeps the towns alive. Children hoped to get lots of candy and I stooped to pick up a few pieces to pass on to the children near me. I laughed when I asked one girl if she was going to eat it all,and she offered me some of her goodies.A lady asked me about what I was doing with all the pictures and I shared a few with her.We had a good chat and found some interests that both of us had. The beauty of the day and good thoughts still survive, pushing through the prairie blooms, and across the land on a gentle prairie breeze.
A grand start with a color guard 

Rubber was attached to the steel wheels to make it easier on the roads

This is not just a guy thing. I think I may have to paint the old Ford, they all look so nice.