Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Sunny Prairie Spring

A prairie castle stands off in the background
The start of a fairy tale.
Last years nest, many are sitting on nests right now. I have been watching a new eagle nest, they laid eggs near Valentine's Day.

With the right angle getting full use of the sun I was able to ghost out this plant. If I moved even a fraction of an inch I would have had full focus like this next shot.
These are all dried goldenrod blooms.
A second attempt, I got better definition.

Can one ever look more laid back?
Life is good lounging
On a giant piece of limestone.
Playing with the contrails and sunset, there weren't many clouds to  use.
Rather nice to have 750 acres of prairie all to myself. Meanwhile over in Grand Island , Nebraska is the Sandhill Crane migration.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

That Last Stroll Of Winter, Who's Watching Who?

Canadian Goose

Red-winged Blackbird


There is a certain primitive stance birds carry looking for food. That rather watchful eye never misses a movement.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Spring Is Near

Out at the cabin, minding the farm

Huge flocks of blackbirds have been roosting for the night and continuing on their journey every night. On a mass flight off it sounded like a small jet turbine on takeoff and when doing a synchronized turn.

They all seem to know me, and don't realize I have a hearty appetite for a good steak or prime rib.

This snake came out of a crack between the sidewalk and the door, it was too cold, so it went back in. It was amazing to watch it descend underground being so large. It was hard to imagine how it found this particular area.

A massive wildfire created from high winds on day old embers ignited a huge area not too far away from where I live. It jumped a small two lane road and a four lane interstate. Flames were huge as it rolled across the prairie and fields. Five different fire departments joined to fight this massive blaze.
This resin fence melted like butter