Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Cabin Fever

Great Blue Heron
I watched Columbine growing by the doorstep hoping to see a butterfly. Rain and cold has kept some of these visitors  in better weather. I have seen a number of species and saw my first Monarch Butterfly last Sunday. It was like seeing royalty with this rapidly diminished species.
I went for two days to this huge Blackberry patch to watch for butterflies. Above is my first Monarch and below a Giant Swallowtail. The scent of all the flowers was real nice also.

Dame's Rocket is similar to phlox only it has four petals instead of five.

Blue Jay
Someone took a taste it appears.

The fungus appears to run off the top of the stump and flow across the forest floor.
It is easy to see how this plant was named Spiderwort
I liked the symmetry of this huge oak

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Woodland Paradise

Hairy Woodpecker
Eastern Phoebes
Red-headed Woodpecker

Turkey Vulture

Looking for lunch, on a hunch that someone didn't miss the train
Yep it's Darren

The sepals of this Wild Geranium washed off and stuck to a petal during a recent rain.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Hard Walking

I am still hobbling about some. I need to get better quicker I feel, but age may be slowing me down. I am ready for summer travel and this is slowing down my progression. I have been taking it slow, but the list for me to do around here is getting huge. I got some peppers and tomatoes planted this week. My trap team is headed for the state finals and if I can keep them from getting hurt I will be happier. One young lady showed up with an arm sling last night. She had tried some tricks riding bare back on a horse and found out why maybe not to do this. I had to laugh seeing myself at that age and feeling like nothing could bring harm to me. We jumped on any pony just to see how long it took for them to buck us off. My mother always had that same horrified look when we would tell her what we had been doing all day. Sometimes it was best to keep to yourself and not hear a lecture.
Meadowlark singing in the meadow

The beach is ready on the pond
Iris is in bloom
What bird?