Sunday, August 2, 2015

Majestic Monarchs

Halloween Pennant

Leadplant, a friend did her doctoral on bees that landed on this little plant
Hey, you guys see where the drainpipe empties on a hot day?



Monarchs grace
Prairie skies
So majestic
As it's name implies.

The male Monarch Butterfly may be easily distinguished from the female by noting the two highly visible black spots on the insect's hind wings and the thinner black webbing within the wings. The female's webbing is thicker and she has no identifying wing spot as the male does.

A baby Eastern Kingbird holds a recently dropped off insect by it's parent.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Let The Sunshine In, It's Rained Too Much

For those who  have missed me I have been in the hospital for eight days with pancretitis and having my gall bladder removed. Hope to be on my feet soon. Wasn't fun at all.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Golden Wonders

St. John's Wort

Fragrant Coneflower
Baby Brown Thrasher
A Black Swallowtail flitted among the Monarda, sipping it's golden nectar. It was an early arrival, many are coming soon, but very few are being seen. A challenge was issued by a county conservationist for me to find Monarch Butterflies. He hadn't seen any during the previous week, their habitat being destroyed where they winter. As a child I could catch a dozen in minutes in the field behind my boyhood home. I have tagged them for the last two decades as part of a study with the University of Kansas. When we first started 100 stickers would go fast in a day or two. Last year we worked two weeks to find 50.  As you know I love to  be around these flying flowers. Their colors amaze me each time I see one, and often I run along with them to get a good picture.  I hope to see the populations return in my lifetime, as I have persevered for decades with restoring prairie land  all around me. A cool prairie breeze touches my cheek, thanking me for kind thoughts and actions.

Those babies are getting big.
It is too hot to pose for you

A cloud of newly hatched Bullheads moves around a pond.

Male Widow Skimmer