Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Good Weather For Camping

Babies on the run trough the campground.

The rain smelled good approaching  all around me. I took off  my glasses and felt the mist on my face. It brought about happy thoughts and made me think about catching some on my tongue. The dogs cuddled under me wanting to stay dry. As a bunting sang out and I followed it's song to get a picture. Have you ever smelled something that reminded you of another time or experience? One morning I remembered San Francisco Bay, and the next early morning rain put me in the Canary Islands, short a few million banana trees. The buntings song brought me back out on the prairie, in a most beautiful campground. The rain let up and maybe was finished for the day, but I had fun reliving a few good moments of my life.

The river is still running high.
Cedar Waxwing

The rain starts up, waking me to listen. I lay and take in the patter and breath in the smell. It is nice to be in a tent when it storms,  there is a secure tranquility as long as one stays dry. The dog looks at me hoping I wasn't going to let them out, they can wait. I pull up a sheet and snuggle over onto my side. I fall back asleep to the steady cadence of a summer rain in peace, out on the prairie.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Equine Pleasure

What do you see when a cloud floats by?

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Love Is In The Air

When I first saw her my heart raced. She flew by and soon the whole world was centered around her. She was soon joined by two males eager to win her grace. She is in the middle and obviously the largest in the picture below. She was more inspired to eat rather than play with her suitors.

Globe Thistle
A rarity this summer, a Monarch, charges up the energy out on the prairie.

Indigo Bunting
Partridge Pea

Sunday, August 10, 2014