Saturday, June 25, 2016

Lots Of Love

I liked the greeter on the sign. He was still there when I left.

Milkweed bloom
This field of Purple Coneflower was huge, it kept going and going.
Eastern Meadowlark


A few buffalo too far away

Butterfly Milkweed
White Wild Indigo
Compass Plant

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Sunny Daze

Goats Beard
Purple Poppy Mallow

This bird landed close and was watching me
Tree Swallow bringing food to the nest


Ebony Jewelwing

Brown Thrasher
A massive bloom of Spiderwort flowed over the hillside. I have found some large patches, but this went on forever. This is some of the beauty one finds exploring the prairies.It never seems the same, changing from year to year as we do. Each day there is a new treasure to find and I enjoy visiting new areas as well as old. Some are almost like family to me, having sown the seeds,and then seeing my artwork flourish.It never fails to amaze me, and often feeds my heart with love and devotion.I extend my arms at my sides, palms up, and feel this beauty ebb into my heart. Often I pass on a prayer of health and happiness to all I have met and love, and send it off on a gentle prairie breeze for all to enjoy.


Monday, June 20, 2016

Morning Dew

I just catch these catfish and put them back.Love to always catch the big ones of any species.

Around the house

Purple Coneflowers are gracing the entire state.

A heavy dew and recent rain made the Smoke Tree look almost covered in ice.

I was trying to catch the sparkle.

When I see these Spiderworts and Father's Day is near I think of a Father's Day trip to the Badlands and Sandhills. Those who have been in the Sandhills( North Central Nebraska) understand forty minutes drive is relatively short to run errands. Our project was a continued study over ten years of bison herds and making sure their rotation was not harming the native flora.A friend was away from his boy for the first time in twelve years. I felt his sadness a bit, and drew his favorite bloom, Spiderwort, on a card for him. I had everyone sign it and put a little note about their celebrations in the past. I  had to laugh a bit, since this was the first holiday I had spent away from my children, but nobody reacted.We ate buffalo steaks for dinner and toasted with a bit of wine left behind by previous visitors to this biological station in the middle of the Sandhills. The cooks from our base station had sent too any cookies for this event over two weeks, so we had a nice dessert. We sat around the fire and told family stores all night, serenaded by the coyotes, and the love of our families traveled across the prairie on a gentle prairie breeze.